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8 Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle with Variable Temperature Control 2022

Why should everyone have an electric kettle at home right now? Well, they come with tons of benefits and features which you won’t find in the typical stove.

These are specially designed and constructed for heating water for different purposes and make the entire job highly convenient. Here we have some of the best electric gooseneck kettles with variable temperature control in our guide, which is to be discussed in great detail.

Top pick:

Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle
  • Smart Life with Smart Functions: Use the free VeSync app to adjust your...
  • 1°F Precise Temp Control : Set the desired temperature between 104°F to...
  • 4 Easy Presets & Baby Formula Mode: Choose between 4 temperature presets or...
  • Fast and Safe : Boil up to 0.85 quarts of water in 3–5 minutes with 1200W...
  • Premium Materials: The kettle’s durable interior, lid, and spout are made...

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Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle with Variable Temperature Control

Simply, the best kettle for boiling water would come with some extraordinary features which make them exceptional and stand out from the rest. Here, we’re trying to find out those particular characteristics that make them special. Let’s begin!

Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle With Pour Over Coffee Maker

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We begin our list with Cosori’s extraordinary electric kettle that comes paired with their pour-over coffee maker. Let’s shortly learn some of their offerings!

The first thing that we’d like to talk about is the option for presents. It lets you heat the water in 5 different levels, which helps to get a perfect temperature for each type of drink, be it coffee or tea, and reduces the possibility of burning the drink.

Notification beep, on the other hand, lets you know when heating is done. The precise pouring capability enabled body design gives you the desired water flow control for an excellent pour-over. Quicking heating within 3-5 periods helps you complete the chores faster. The Pour Over Filter, on the other hand, comes equipped with 304 stainless steel to give you a rich and condensed flavor from the coffee every time!

It can be prone to wear and tear like any other item, but overall, this is the item to get if you’re looking for the best electric gooseneck kettle with variable temperature control right now!

  • 5 temperature control presets for each drink
  • Heats up quickly
  • Intelligent body-design provides desired water flow
  • Superb extraction capabilities from the filter
  • Can be prone to wear and tear

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Cosori Electric Gooseneck Kettle

Last update on 2024-01-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Are you looking for the best electric gooseneck kettle with variable temperature control? Well, here we have exactly what you need. Let’s look at this special one by Cosori.

First, this quality kettle by Cosori comes equipped with a heavy-duty 1200 watt fast heating engine. This powerful mechanism would provide you instant action for boiling water within 3-5 minutes.

The handle comes with extra thickness for better control and grip, while the gooseneck and the body are designed ergonomically for excellent water flow control for pour overs!

You also have the temperature control capability for particular drinks like coffee, tea, or just normal water boiling for regular usage.

Safety features include automatic shutting down after reaching the desired temperature and a boil dry technology that turns the system off if it’s wrongly turned on without water.

Being a bit too delicate and wearing is a common issue among its downsides but overall surely one of the best electric kettles present!

  • 1200 Watt Heavy-duty device offers faster heating
  • Hold the temperature for 60 minutes
  • Outstanding pour over control
  • Automatic shutdown and boil dry improves the safety of the item
  • Can be weak under long term use

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Moosoo Electric Gooseneck Kettle

No products found.

At the third spot, we have the Moosoo’s, Gooseneck Kettle. Let’s find out what it has come up with!

First, the accurate temperature offers you 6 different heating levels that you can boil the water from 158 to 212 Fahrenheit for brewing drinks at their required temperature levels.

Leaking has been paid close attention and a complete leak-proof design any possibilities of mishaps resulting in hot water spilling over.

The professionally constructed gooseneck has absolute stability for an outstanding pour-over water flow measurement.

Food grade stainless steel used in making this special item makes it safe for health and improves the overall durability of the entire item. Finally, the unbelievable 1000 watt heating engine offers boiling temperature within 4 minutes!

You may find the water capacity a bit low, but overall, this is just an extraordinary piece anyone can go for

  • 6 different temperature control
  • Anti-leak design reduces spilling
  • Gooseneck provides a better flow rate
  • Boils water within only 4 minutes
  • Limited water filling capacity

No products found.

Fellow Stagg EKG

Last update on 2024-01-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

If you’ve been looking for the best electric gooseneck kettle with variable temperature control, then we’d recommend this. Why? Well, see for yourself.

This premium item comes with an incredible 1200 watt power heating mechanism that quickly heats water within 5 minutes.

You have the absolute freedom to control the temperature here. Use the dial to keep it between 135 to 212 Fahrenheit for your tea, coffee, or other foods without burning.

The backlit LCD screen offers all the convenience and helps to navigate it in low light conditions. For your security, it also comes backed up by a long 1-year warranty!

It doesn’t have a power cord holder, which we find as a downside because of the base’s square-shaped design. But, considering all the features, it’s without a shadow of a doubt one of the best kettles for boiling water right now!

  • Boils water within 5 minutes
  • Complete freedom to heat at your desired temperature
  • Backlit LCD makes functioning more easier
  • Backed by superior 1-year warranty from Fellow
  • Should’ve had a cord holder for better looks

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Bonavita 1.7L Variable Temperature Control Kettle

Last update on 2024-01-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Here is another quality electric kettle by Bonavita. Bonavita’s kettle comes with some distinct features, such as personalized temperature control capabilities. You can easily pick the desired temperature level for each drink between 140-212 Frenehheit.

On the other hand, you can also hold the water at the required heating level for up to 60 long minutes just by pressing the hold button.

It comes with unbelievable 1500 watt healing properties that would provide fast-paced water boiling at over 3-5 minutes. You’d also get an extraordinarily safer and durable built quality with brushed stainless steel and BPA free plastic material used in the construction.

The lid may show some issues sometimes, but overall a true masterpiece you can get any day!

  • Control your temperature between 120-212 Fahrenheit
  • Let’s you hold on desired heat for a long 60 minutes
  • A staggering 1500 watt engine boosts quick heating
  • Quality durable and safe materials used in the construction
  • Lid may show some problems sometimes

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Willow & Everett Gooseneck Electric Kettle

Last update on 2024-01-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

At the 6th spot, we have a premium pick by Willow & Everett; if you’re looking for a super-class gooseneck electric kettle with temperature control, then this one is a sure consideration.

Willow & Everett’s stunningly designed piece comes packed with a 1000watt powerful mechanism involved, which ignites the water into boiling temperature within minutes.

Follow a variety of temperature presets for a coffee with the desired taste and reduce the risk of burnt coffee and tea leaves. Food-grade stainless steel provides safer water for a drink and improves the durability aspect to a whole new level as well. On top of it, it’s a large gooseneck kettle with a large 1-liter capacity!

One downside of the premium item is the lid’s loosening, which falls into your coffee while pouring and ruins the drink. But on the whole, it should be a sure pick for any man with understanding!

  • Puts the water into boiling temperature quickly
  • Variety of temperature adjustments presets for each drink
  • Food grade Stainless steel enhances durability and food safety
  • Comes with a large water capacity
  • Lid may loosen up sometimes

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OXO Adjustable Temperature Kettle

Last update on 2024-01-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Here comes another sophisticated item by the renowned Oxo. This kettle has a long-range of temperature settings from 140 to 212 Ferehenheit, which can also be kept at the desired heated level for 30 minutes.

It has a special elongated design of the gooseneck spout, which offers great control over the water flow while pouring.

It comes equipped with a strong 1500watt electric power. As a result, you reach boiling temperature within minutes.

Despite the extreme heat, the handle has been designed to stay cooler and offer secure grip potential.

Rusting can be an issue after prolonged use, but all in all, it’s a quality kettle pick any day!

  • A quality temperature control mechanism
  • Holds the water at the same temperature for 30 minutes
  • Reach boiling heat within a short period
  • Stay-cool handle easy to grip
  • Rusting can be an issue after a certain time

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Bodum Melior Gooseneck Kettle

Last update on 2024-01-21 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Finally, Bodum’s Melior is, without a doubt, one of the best electric gooseneck kettles with variable temperature control you can find right now.

With a superb matte black design, this premium item comes with superb technological advancement that offers you boiling temperature within 3-4 minutes mark!

Another interesting feature it has is its automation. It turns by itself when the water is boiled, making it safe from any electrical mishaps.

You also get outstanding water-flow control while pouring because of the body’s highly sophisticated design and the gooseneck spout.

Stainless steel body makes it super durable and rust-free, while the European cork handle keeps it cool, adding more convenience.

It’s a bit difficult to clean, but if you want to know which item is worth the money, then we’d recommend it without hesitation!

  • Quickly boils up water within minutes
  • Shuts down automatically the moment it reaches boiling heat
  • Otherworley body and gooseneck design for super water flow
  • Superior materials went into the construction
  • Can be a bit difficult to clean

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What is a Gooseneck Electric Kettle and Why Should you Get One?

So, before choosing the desired kettle, one question can pop up in your mind. That is, why in the first place you should go for one?

This sort of reasoning is essential as it makes a conscious buyer and saves users from conspicuous consumption. So here we’d like to explain what it is in detail and why you should get one.

What is a Gooseneck Kettle?

Gooseneck kettles are one of the most commonly used kettles, both electric and non-electric, for pour-over coffee. The name “gooseneck” is primarily derived from its oddly shaped spout, which looks highly similar to a goose’s neck. It has special functions as well. This ergonomic design helps the users to maintain proper water flow.

Why Should You Get One?

Apart from its highly stylish outlook, the gooseneck kettle offers a lot more. They have an ergonomic design that provides maximum comfort while pouring drinks. On top of it, the Gooseneck kettle also improves the pour control, so you’re never pouring too much or too little but just the right amount.

Moreover, electric gooseneck kettles are designed to sophistication and offer convenience as they can boil up the water within a few minutes.

Manual vs Electric Gooseneck Kettle

It’s one of the heated distinctions you should learn before heading for the purchase. Manual kettle’s vary from their Electric counterparts in many ways. Here we’d like to go through some of those differences in a detailed manner.

Electric Kettle Saves Time

Electric kettle, being designed to perfection to quick heating and powerful heating components, naturally boils your water faster than the stove kettles.

Electric Kettle Offers Are More Convenient 

Just imagine the things you need to do to heat water in regular stove kettles. You have to fire up the stove, have to be careful about the fire, and check again and again whether the water got boiled or not.

All these chores just to boil up a couple of cups of water isn’t worth it. But with the electric kettle, you only need to press a button. When it’s done, they will notify you with a beep. It completely cancels out the many steps you had to perform for boiling water in a manual kettle.

Precise Temperature Control Mechanism

Another highly critical feature that comes with an electric kettle is its ability to control different temperature levels. This is something you’ll never find in traditional kettles. As a result, you always risk burning your coffee or tea leaves in the manual kettle. But this is not something you’d need to worry about while using an electric kettle.

Manual Kettle is not Dependent Upon Electricity

A manual kettle or stove kettle, unlike the electric kettle, can be used without electricity. As a result, they can be taken to anywhere, especially during camping and other areas where there isn’t any electricity available.

Easy To Maintain and Clean

Another major difference between the electrically powered kettles and a regular water heating pot is the maintenance. With an electric kettle, you don’t have to spend too much time on maintenance. Because of being run by electricity, it’s always clean and spotless. While the manual ones can get heat marks or smokes, which makes them slightly more difficult to clean and maintain.

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Heated Up Handles

Heated up handles are one of the main problems of manual kettles. Manual kettle being run using fire is much more prone to handle heating up excessively than their electric counterparts.

Many manual kettles profess to have heat-resistant handles, but in reality, very few manage to do so. While electric kettles don’t have such risks while dealing with the handles.Which makes them a bit safer.

Manual Tea Kettle Can Explode

Another risk factor to be considered is the manual kettle’s failure to control the heat when the water reaches boiling point.

An electric kettle would shut itself down when it understands the water has reached the required heating point. But stove kettles don’t have such mechanisms involved. If you forget to put the water down, it will continue to be heated. And as a result of overheating, it can reach the point of explosion.

So as you might have noticed already. Electric kettle overall is a lot safer and more convenient than their manual counterparts. And that’s why you should always go for the electric ones for quicker output.

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What To Look For In A Great Gooseneck Electric Kettle?

While buying your desired piece of gooseneck kettle, there should be a couple of things that have to be considered every time. Well, that’s what we’ll try to focus on here.

Make Sure It’s Strong Enough

The first thing you should consider before buying an electric kettle is how tough it’s made. If your electric kettle isn’t durable enough, naturally, it wouldn’t survive the wear and tear. That’s why you should always make sure it has the adequate strength to withstand all this item’s continuous usage.

Large Capacity

Another essential factor you should always look for in a quality gooseneck electric kettle is the device’s water-holding capability. It’s sometimes overlooked by many users because of which they encounter serious issues later on. Please consider how many people you’re going to get the kettle. If your house is welcoming and gets 3-4 guests frequently, then it won’t be wise to go for small kettles.

In this case, you should find larger sized kettles that can serve up to 3-4 individuals at the same time. For a serving scale such as that, you can get a kettle that has 1-liter water boiling capability. With this size, you’re likely to be able to serve four to five individuals easily.

Power Consumption

Many users forget to focus on this particular area of electric kettles. Electric kettles, being run on electric energy, are extremely power-hungry. As a result, they end up consuming a huge load of energy. Many of the kettle’s power requirements range from 1000 to 1200 watts, which is quite high. Continuous usage in this heavy power demand can lead to a substantial increase in electricity expense.

Moreover, you should also be highly cautious before connecting them to your generators or other sources of power backups. So, if you have a plant to use the kettle with a generator or other energy backup system, try getting ones that consume less power for their operation.

Well, these are some of the key issues you should always keep in mind before purchasing.

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How to Find a Suitable Electric Coffee Kettle?

Different ways are there to find out a suitable coffee kettle. If you look closely, it’d become clear altogether. Here, we’d provide you with some intelligent ways to find a suitable electric coffee kettle.

Understand What You Want

One of the main tasks before you purchase an electric kettle is to comprehend your needs. Users should always try and locate the exact things needed for individual choices. If you’re able to locate these particular demands, the road to finding the best electric gooseneck kettle will become easier.

Research Properly

One thing most of us fail to do before buying any product is research. Many don’t even have the understanding that you should research before buying anything. But they forget that doing sufficient research on a particular appliance would easily equip users with the much-needed depth in understanding and the knowledge to select the best kettle. With proper research, you’d learn the exact features which make a kettle stand out from the rest.

Going for A Leak-Proof Design

Leaking can be a serious irritation while dealing with kettles. Kettles, especially those which are poorly designed, often show such problems of spilling water. Most of the time, flaws in design at the spout or lid areas are responsible for leaking water. If your kettle leaks water, then it also becomes dangerous while pouring in hot water. Water at boiling temperature is quite hot and can easily result in severe burns. When you’re pouring water for any drinks, a leak in the body can let excess water flow making it risky for the user. For all these negative possibilities, you should always go for outstanding leak-proof designs.

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Buying Guide to Get the Best Electric Gooseneck Kettle with Variation

How do you know which one is the best gooseneck kettle among the thousands of different options available in the market? That’s why we have a list of different features that can help you differentiate between a poor-quality electric kettle and a standard one. Let’s find out what they are:

Temperature Variation Presets

Well, this one is one of the most important features of any electric kettle. If you don’t have control over the temperature, it’s not going to be of any use whatsoever. But why is it so vital?

When you’re boiling water for coffee or tea, it has to maintain a specific temperature level; anything above that would completely ruin the taste of it. For example, if you’re using overheated water in tea, it can burn the tea leaves, making it difficult to drink for the guests. Similarly, each coffee variant has its own sort of different heating level as well, which would also result in a bitter-tasting burnt coffee.

That’s why we’d suggest you go for the devices which let the users control the level of temperature. Many kettles we mentioned have 5-6 temperature presets which can be selected for each sort of drink.

Food Grade and Durable Material

What materials are used in the construction of your kettle is highly important. First, you’d have to find devices that are made with durable materials. Durability is one of the most important aspects of a kettle. Because of being a regular item in the kitchen, you must find kettles that are durable and can withstand heavy use.

On top of that, another factor you must take into consideration is if the items used in the construction are food grade. If they’re not made with food-grade material, then it’s posing a risk to you and other family members as well.

So, always try getting the ones that are built using food-grade stainless steel for both food safety and durability.

Hold Feature

Hold feature isn’t common in all the electric kettle. But some premium-grade devices, including some in our list, have this intelligent feature enabled. What does it do? The hold feature’s main task is to keep the water at the same temperature for a certain amount of time. In this way, you can keep the water ready and serve instantly whenever the guests want.

We talked about many devices with a certain amount of hold feature enabled in them, ranging from 30-60 minutes. So, we’d suggest you get devices that come equipped with this smart feature.

Optimum Water Flow Control

Water flow control is another key issue to look at. When you’re pouring water for the favorite cup of pour-over coffee, a specific flow has to be maintained. This slow and steady stream of water can only be achieved if you’re equipped with a quality gooseneck kettle.

Outstandingly designed gooseneck kettle has an intelligently built spout that lets the users control the flow of water to a certain extent. So, try finding kettles that have an ergonomic body design. And a specialized gooseneck for the optimum water flow control.

Speed of Heating

How quickly the kettle helps you reach the boiling temperature is another selling point you should consider. One main reason as to why someone would opt for using an electric kettle in the first place is the quick heating capabilities.

We’ve already mentioned some quality picks that come with 1000-1200 watt powerful heating components that make the water reach the boiling temperature within 3-5 minutes. So, try going for the faster boiling kettles than other lower grade competitors.

Safety Features

Each electric kettle comes with its ways of enhancing the safety aspects of the device. Auto shutdown is one such safety and energy-saving feature you should always make sure the device has in it. Auto-shutdown would turn off the system the moment water reaches the boiling temperature. As a result, it makes the work more convenient, safer and saves power.

Another safety mechanism involves boiling dry technology. This particular system understands whenever the device is attempted to be switched on when there isn’t any water present inside and instantly turns off the system. So the device won’t heal itself when it’s empty and improves overall safety as a result.

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Why is a gooseneck kettle better?

A gooseneck kettle is better because they offer maximum water flow control, where the regular kettle isn’t that good at it.

Which one to choose-plastic or steel kettle?

Steel kettles are always better as they’re more durable and food safe. While plastic kettles aren’t that safe on the other hand not as durable as the steel ones.

What size should I go for?

Get the size depending on the number of people you may need to serve regularly. You can go for 0.8-1.0 liter ones if you want to serve 3-4 guests.

Is the electric kettle easy to clean?

It depends on the user. They can usually get slightly tricky; they can’t be submerged underwater as it can have some issues while being exposed to water.

Why Do I Need A Gooseneck Kettle For Coffee?

Gooseneck kettle usually offers better pour control. So, for an outstanding cup of pour-over coffee, you can always utilize them.

Is a gooseneck electric kettle worth it?

Electric gooseneck kettle offers better-tasting pour-over as well as ultimate convenience from their electric components. So, it’s always worth it.

To Sum Up

We’ve discussed some of the most premium items on the list. We detailed every aspect ranging from all the strengths to some of the weaknesses so that it gets more comfortable for you to pick based on personal preferences.

A quality water kettle would not only make your kitchen work faster; it would completely transform the way things used to be done before. Now it’s your turn to select the one that meets the demands fulfilling. Focus on each of the core criteria and filter out the best electric gooseneck kettle with variable temperature control. And get a hassle-free, smart-looking, versatile and convenient kitchen today!

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