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Bodum Gooseneck Kettle Review 2022 (You’ve Been Looking for All This Time!)

Who doesn’t like an antique kettle? Well, things get even more impressive when this so-called antique-looking kettle runs on electricity! Here in the Bodum Gooseneck Kettle Review, we’re going to talk about one such item that has both the looks and the qualities altogether.

We’ll also go through its design, construction, specification and features, so you get to understand the thing fulfilling before heading for the purchase.

Bodum Gooseneck Kettle Review

Bodum gooseneck electric kettle has tons and tons of different positives that’d blow your mind. Our step by step guide will look at them in the following sections in a step by step manner.

Elegance in Design

First, in our Bodum kettle review, we’d like to discuss the appearance. The kettle is just wonderfully designed with an antique flavor in its style. First, the gooseneck kettle sprout is something that looks fantabulous proportioned with the body, outstandingly designed, and correctly measured.

The body and the neck are shaped intentionally in a way that would improve the ergonomics. Another crucial factor about this incredible item is it gives you the ability to control the water flow force. The super handy gooseneck would help you manipulate how water is being glided through the pot for the desired coffee extraction.

Another important factor which we shouldn’t skip is the color. It comes in deep matte black elegant color. Anyone can guess it’s a premium item just by looking at it instantly.

Handle and Lid Construction

The handle of this item is exquisitely designed. Why are we saying this?

Because the handle is specially constructed using European Cork material, which improves the entire item’s grip. On top of it, being Non-Slip, handle it. There’s a lesser possibility of any serious mishaps.

Lid is one of the essential parts of the entire item. If the lid isn’t constructed correctly, it will lead to water or liquid substances leaking from it. That’s why lid’s construction is of high importance. One of the key takeaways from this is the lid knob. Same as the handle, the knob is also made using extraordinary European Cork, which makes it look stunning and gives you better control over it. It’s also Non-Slip, so no chances of mishandling it, leading to spilling hot liquid either.

Sturdy Base

Base is another crucial aspect of a kettle, especially for high-end items such as this. The base in this appliance is designed to be sturdy and rigid. It incorporates the central boiler where the liquid gets heated.

Another interesting fact about the base is that the On/Off switch is housed here and makes it look stylish in the aesthetic sense.

Simplicity in Use

Despite its complex and complicated, intricate design and mechanisms, the user-friendliness of this item is unbelievable. It offers the ultimate ease and feasibility in terms of regular use and saves time and effort. You won’t have to spend hours behind it to understand how it functions. This incredible piece uses only three steps to provide you the perfect heated water instantly.

Simply pour water in to secure your lid and activate the power switch by just pressing it.

That’s it; you won’t need to perform any particular extra tasks to get the desired boiled water! So, the entire item’s overall simplicity is just unbelievable and makes your life easy the moment it arrives at the home!

Boils Quickly

Well, this is perhaps the essential part of the entire guide. An electric kettle is meant to offer you a better speed and comfort at work. Unlike the traditional kettle designs and other competitors, it boils unbelievably faster!

You can get natural water boiled around the 3 minutes mark, which is quite astounding.

It saves your time and helps on a whole new different level as well. As the boiling time is relatively quick, you can easily use it more than once if the guests’ number is higher.

Just put the water in the cups and start the reheating instantly and efficiently tackle a flow of guests within a matter of time.

Automatic Shut Down

One exciting feature that comes with this irresistible appliance is the automatic shut down feature. This smart mechanism improves the convenience of the item to a whole new level. Suppose you’re in the kitchen performing multiple tasks as you always do. And right at that moment, a friend comes to visit, and you can quickly just put in some water in the kettle and let the power switch on for the water to start boiling.

You can instantly focus on other tasks at hand while the water is heated inside the kettle. When it’s done, it will turn off by itself. You won’t have to manually shut it down and see whether the water is at the boiling point.

As a result, it saves you a reasonable amount of time, simplifying the entire mechanism. So, whenever guests arrive, it’s your ready-to-go item to bring out!

Can be Used with Pour Over Coffee Makers

Specially designed to work with another coffee pour over coffee makers. It supports the Bodum Pour Over coffee makers, which gives more convenience. So you can brew pour overs without a struggle and easily.

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Large Capacity

It has a further advantage of use as well. That is the capacity of the item. Despite being compact, it has a water holding capacity of 27 oz. Well, that’s not bad for such a close thing.

Whenever guests arrive without notice, you don’t have to be so worried about anything at all. Just access the kitchen and fill up the kettle, and it’s ready to go.

With 27 oz coffee, you can efficiently serve four individuals. So, yes, you can bring this workhorse for instant coffee brewing capabilities for several individuals at once and always greet the guests with a warm mug of something delicious every time!

Extended Durability

The durability aspect is always essential for any device you use. If an item isn’t constructed in the manner it should’ve been, it can easily break into pieces after any little mishaps.

Well, that is not something you’re risking here.

Because, this incredible irresistible device comes built with ultra-sturdy stainless steel material. Stainless steel is quite strong and can easily withstand outside force easily. So, it would be protected from outer issues on the body.

On top of that, being stainless would never let the steel be contaminated with rusts either.

As a result, it will always remain looking new and gorgeous!

Lightweight Device

Despite the plenty of added benefits and features, this device is unbelievably lighter. With only around 2 pounds in the weight section, it’d be extremely easy to lift even when it’s filled with water.

On the other hand, as it’s super lightweight, you can also carry it to wherever it needs to be without much struggle.

It’s quite amazing how they’ve managed to make it so sturdy, still keeping it around the 2-pound weight mark. So, yes, being lightweight, it’d always be a pleasure to work with.

Some Drawbacks to Consider

Although being a stupendous appliance, this too has one or two issues you should consider while buying.

Well, one thing you may get bothered by is how the lead may function at times. Sometimes it’s so securely fit that you’d find it quite challenging to remove it. Especially if you don’t possess a solid strength in the upper body department, it may get slightly frustrating to open up the lid.

Another point of concern is cleaning. As it has rather a strange inside design, you may find it quite confusing how to clean the electric kettle. There are a number of different bits and parts that can make cleaning quite difficult. You may also find a plastic part on the inside; you don’t need to remove it as the water won’t reach it even when filled to the maximum.

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Apart from the minor issues, the kettle performs outstandingly well on the whole. And unquestionably deserves a place in your kitchen any day! And check the bodum gooseneck kettle manual for more guidance on this item.

Final Thought

In the Bodum Gooseneck Kettle review, we have gone through the item in its entirety. Looked at different perspectives of it, from the outer design, ergonomics to its core and mechanical capabilities. We’ve found this one to be one exclusive kettle you can have right now in all the divisions. There are plenty of kettles in the market, but the way it’s being talked about and praised in the consumer community is just unbelievable! Truly a masterpiece of both design and smart engineering.

So, if you’re confused about getting an electric gooseneck kettle, then this irresistibly exquisite item should be on the list every time! So, wait no more, get your Bodum Gooseneck today and start getting the desire pour overs right now!

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