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Coffee Tips and Tricks
Coffee Tips and Tricks


Can You Drink Coffee After Wisdom Teeth Removal?

So you got into the lifelong trouble involving toothache, gum problems, and extractions, and now need your teeth removed. And you’re the type of person ninety-nine percent of whose functionality depends on caffeine intake and coffees. When you are having your wisdom tooth removed, a warm cup of freshly ground coffee with added cream and some delectable chocolate chip cookies to go with it may sound like the best way to soothe your aching gums. The throbbing pain and the emptiness seem to be asking for a generous cup, and nobody knows better than you how your cup of coffee eases all your pain and worries.

But wait, can you drink coffee after wisdom teeth removal? Yes and no. Yes to cold coffee and no to hot ones. But there are limitations to when and how you can drink those.

The Extraction Process

There are two kinds of extraction processes that may be best suited to you: a regular removal process or a surgical removal process. In the former process, your dentist will use medical forceps to move your tooth back and forth till the tooth is freed of its ligaments, and pull it out. In the latter process, where the tooth is in a compromised position with the gum, a combination of different surgical equipment and incision can help with the removal.

As much as you’re concerned with drinking after the extraction, people are confused about what to drink before it. A common question that our friends have is that, can you drink water before wisdom teeth removal? The answer to that is, yes, you can drink water. You can drink fluids and not anything solid 8 hours prior to your surgery.

And like you have confusion on if you can drink coffee after tooth extraction, the same confusion lies before the process, and you may ask, Can I drink coffee before wisdom teeth removal? The answer is debatable with one group saying that you can take black coffee without add-ons before the extraction process and some saying that you can take the coffee, but you should take nothing, not even fluids, 3 hours prior to the surgery.

What to Do After Extraction?

After the extraction, the gap in your gum needs to be filled naturally with a blood clot. Your dentist will wrap gauze around the tooth area to allow the flowing blood to soak in and will change it once it is saturated. After a certain time, the flow will stop, and the clot formation will start on its own. You have to be careful not to dislodge your clot by eating/drinking/doing anything that restarts a continual blood flow like the first time. It is better not to rinse your mouth within the first twenty-four hours.

Reducing Complications: Tooth Socket/Dry Socket

Like we said, your hardest task will be to let the clot form on the tooth gap and try to not to dislocate it. Pushing the place frequently with your tongue, rinsing your mouth heavily with water, and gargling to remove remaining blood from your mouth may prove bad for the clotting. If you desperately need a cleanse, in the most gentle way, just take water into your mouth and spit it out onto the basin. If you hamper the clot formation, the tooth’s area will remain empty (forming no protective cover on the hole) and will hurt.

We want to prevent this dry socket, and this is one of the main reasons why we reject coffee consumption after your wisdom teeth removal, as the heat from warm coffee may dissolve the clot.

Food Not to Drink/Eat After Removal

You have to avoid the following items to reduce further complications:

Spicy and Chewy Food

Chicken wings and steaks are off-limits to you as they may cause dry socket formation being both chewy and spicy. Chewing on tough food like steaks may be painful for the spot. Once you are out of the danger time zone of 24-48 hours, you can get back to your Mexican/Indian food.

You also have to be cautious about eating fruits with a tough cover. Meanwhile, have bananas, scrambled eggs, and baked fish.

Hot Food

Even when eating eggs and fish made soft for your mouth, you will need to be careful that they aren’t too hot. This can irritate your dental area or give you burns as the insides of your mouth are really sensitive right now. So, when you’re having the mac n cheese and mashed potatoes or even soup, make sure they’re near cold (sorry!).

Hard and Sticky Candies

No biting pressure is good for the person who has just had his winsome tooth removed, so say goodbye to hard candies, nuts, and seeds. Also, candies like gummies and caramel toffees are off-limit to you as they may stick to your tooth, and you can’t take them out without irritating your nerves, which are now under construction.

Carbonated Beverages and Alcohol

Fizzy drinks can irritate your gap in the gum and cause a dry socket to form. The same goes for alcohol, which may also act against your medications.

Hot Drinks

Amidst everything else, when can you actually have a hot drink after a tooth extraction? All these lessons on food to avoid might be driving you crazy, but sorry, reader, you have bans on hot drinks too for the same predictable reason: letting the blood clot. So hot cocoa needs to get replaced by cold chocolate milk. Does that give you ideas of cold coffee? Can you really drink cold coffee after wisdom teeth removal? Heck, yes! Here’s some good news for coffee drinkers finally: if you can’t wait for coffee but know that hot coffee will impede your healing, you can always go for cold coffee without the 24-48 hour interval set for all the things you can’t eat on this list!

can you drink coffee after wisdom teeth removal 2

When Can You Drink Coffee?

The bottom line is, when you ask us, “When can I start drinking hot coffee after wisdom tooth extraction?” you can’t do it before 24-48 hours. And if you are starting so early, it should be warm black coffee, not hot ones. If you want to drink it boiling hot and with plenty of add-ons, wait till at least 5 days. But you can have cold coffee. Also, you need to stop drinking black coffee (any other forms of coffee are totally off-limits for longer) 3 hours prior to your surgery or extraction of teeth.

The Healing Process

According to the national dental associations, the healing process will be faster if:

  1. You aren’t engaging in any vigorous physical activity in the first twenty-four hours or so. Skip the heavy workouts after your tooth extraction.
  2. No smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.
  3. Only take hot or warm beverages and food when your dentist has advised you to, and your mouth area is no longer swollen inside.
  4. Don’t rinse your mouth the same day and gargle with saltwater on the next day of the extraction.
  5. Don’t use a straw till your mouth heals or for at least 48 hours.
  6. Take your medicines on time.

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So, can you drink coffee after your wisdom teeth removal?

Yes, after 48 hours, only if your doctor allows. But the doors are always open for cold coffee to feel comfortable in the burning area. But don’t overdo the coffee as things are planning to heal in there!

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