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7 Deadly Side Effects of Coffee in Males that You Should Take Seriously!

Caffein! One word to cheer almost all the men up in the room, isn’t it? Well, after our European counterparts, we’re one of the largest coffee consuming nations in the world. And that’s why we must understand the side effects of coffee in males, more than others.

Having a moderate amount every day shouldn’t be an issue, but getting overly attached to its consumption can result in disastrous health consequences.

Side Effects of Coffee in Males

So, we’ve come to you with this guide to relate to you some of the issues which can result in massive consumption of this addictive liquid! Let’s find out!

01. A Chain Reaction

Here our guide is mainly focused on the males; that’s why we’d like to touch upon some issues that can only affect them. Besides the general health-related problems, sexual disorders are quite common among different age groups, and overconsumption of your favorite drink can be a definitive factory here in this regard.

So, now you may ask how the so-called chain reaction occurs and how it is related to our sexual health?

As you know, it is a leading reason behind many of the sexual disorders. And coffee has something to do with that.

Let’s quickly have a look at how this chain reaction can form.

02. Anxiety Can is the Root of All the Problems

What is the first reaction when you just have downed a mug of coffee?

Yes, it’s instant alertness and overwhelming attention towards every little thing that is around us. Yes, it does help us focus on study, office work, business, and whatnot, like trudging through the boring task of picking the right insurance. But if you’re going through a bad time in your life, your thoughts and attention may end up driving you towards negative visualization.

As a result, you become highly vulnerable to anxieties and panic attacks.

Heavier doses of coffee consumption at one go or throughout the day increase the possibility of anxiety at an alarming rate and have been witnessed by some of the best institutions, including the American Psychiatric Association and DSM.

So definite effects of caffeine on the brain can be established based on the existing medical data from reliable sources around the globe. Anxiety has its fair share of other side effects that we’re not mentioning. But there is one thing that all men should be aware of. Which is the effect anxiety and stress has on your sex drive and entier sexual health.

03. The Way Anxiety and Stress Effects Sex Drive

Studies have shown that having a familiar feeling of stress or insecurity can lead to the lowering of sexual drives. From a psychological point of view, when the brain fails to relax, it may not be able to concentrate on other factors like sex or relationships.

A deep state of fear and trauma can have a severe impact on your sex drive, so while you’re having coffee, it’s best always to monitor the psychological state that it’s resulting in.

04. Coffee Can Influence Erectile Dysfunction in Men

On top of this, Erectile Dysfunction can also be an element that can occur as a result of increased stress levels due to overconsumption of coffee regularly. Studies have proven that men under 30 can experience ED because of excessive nervousness. It can also occur because of not being able to deal with anxiety for a more extended period.

So if you look at the whole, it’s quite clear how coffee has a direct relation to anxiety and sexual health. Lowering down the consumption can help you combat this. If you notice such events resulting from overusing the drink, we’d ask you to quickly visit your doctor.

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05. Sperm Deformity

Sperm count or quality is another highly crucial element of a man’s sexual life. Studies have shown that abnormally shaped sperms, despite having the capability of fertilizing the egg, can still result in possible infertility. So, a healthy sperm with a better count is always better and safer on the whole for your sex life!

But having an enormous amount of coffee intake can play a negative role in your sperm health. It’s thus highly important that we check our coffee consumption rate and keep it minimal or moderate. Studies have found that a man who has 4 cups of coffee every day can be at much more risk of having abnormally shaped sperm.

As you discover the risk associated with having too much coffee, it should now raise the alarm and should lower down the intake at all costs.

But the good news is, having a minimal serving every day won’t affect the sperm much. So, it goes to show how an unnatural intake of coffee regularly can have disastrous health consequences in the long run. Yet, you don’t have to quit this effective, energetic drink altogether. Instead, lower the amount if you used to have four cups or more every day!

06. It Can Cause Serious Fatigue in Men

Here is one of the few disadvantages of coffee. As a result of continuous consumption of this energy-boosting drink, fatigue can creep in. As you may have noticed, coffee gives an instant boost of power. But drains a lot from you, when it leaves the system.

A study revealed the fact that the users felt highly energized during consumption, but at the end of the day, they felt more fatigued and tired the following day. So, it may give an exhausted evening time you won’t like.

07. Irritating Urination Issues

It’s one of the common problems you may encounter after consuming coffee. Coffee compounds have a stimulatory effect on your bladder that causes you to powder the nose more often than you want.

It also increases the urgency to the point of irritation. So, it gets difficult to control the issue overall, making it a highly disturbing factor throughout the day.

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Side Effects of Coffee on Skin

While there are huge debates on whether coffee has any adverse effects on the skin, some suggest that it may influence acne-prone skin. It’s root cause again goes back to the infamous ‘Cortisol’ hormone. Compounds in this powder work extraordinarily well with this hormone. But as Cortisol is a stress hormone, it can pump up the insulin level making your acne situation worse. So from person to person it can vary, and you should start taking it in lower volumes first to see if it has any adverse reactions.


How Should I Get My Coffee Habit Into a Routine?

Well, if you don’t want the side effects of black coffee, you should now limit the use if it’s high enough. We have a smart little formula that can help you make the most of caffeine while reducing the potential side effects it may cause.

Is Early Morning Shot a Good Drill?

Well, many men are habituated with drinking coffee right out of bed. It does give a lift and helps you to get rid of the sleepiness. But new findings suggest that having coffee at the early hours of the day may not show you the same amount of lift which can be achieved from drinking it a bit later in the day.

Our cortisol levels are the lowest in the morning time, which is the primary hormone that reacts with caffeine to give you a sudden burst of energy. Coffee taken after 11.30 would respond much more powerfully than before. So, you can hold up the morning shot till 12.00; it’ll provide serious energy while reducing the amount of intake.

Try Having a Coffee Break at the Noon

It’s also found that the Cortisol levels are at its peak at noon. So, if you’re looking for a recharge after a strenuous day at the office, an afternoon coffee break can be a game-changer. It will quickly straighten your back up and let you socialize the way you want.

So, if you can manage to sip at these particular times, it will provide the best results and reduce the intake to a certain extent. Side-effects won’t bother you anymore while not considering the energy either.

Final Thought

Well, as you know, how harmful the side effects of coffee in males are, it’s time to lower down the intake if it’s too high. Some regular moderate coffee drinkers may get scared of the highly damaging consequence. Love to know these side effects are only limited to men who have a severe attraction to caffeine, going 4-5 cups a day.

The prime times mentioned in the guide can offer game-changing results. We’d suggest you try the scientific method and have a healthy coffee session every time!

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