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How to Stop Coffee from Making You Poop (8 Secret Ways to Attain It)

Are you one of those who need to visit the washroom right after a coffee shot? Well, you’re not the only one. Plenty of individuals have these sorts of urges while or after drinking their packs of energy! But, that is not the main problem; the question is how to stop the coffee from making you poop in the first place?

Although many ask why coffee makes me poop, yet coffee is a highly essential item in our daily lives no matter what. It would be best if this problem can be minimized somehow; your coffee sessions would go back to normal again!

Why is Coffee Making You Poop?

Before knowing how to stop coffee from making you poop, you first try to understand why it is doing so? You may love the morning joe more than anything else. And what kind of coffee makes you poop?

Well, coffee has some elements that stimulate the colon for a washroom break.

Even some with a weak stomach may experience diarrhea every morning after coffee. A recent study finds that almost a staggering 29% of the participants had gone to the bathroom within 20 minutes of drinking. Caffeine contents present in the drink are the main culprit, which activates the colon 60% more than water!


How to Stop Coffee from Making You Poop

So, here we’d like to provide you with some of the critical techniques that can be implemented to lower down this urge and have safer coffee evenings.

Using Milk and Cream

Does decaf coffee make you poop?

Well, studies found decaf coffee too has the potential to cause one to poop. Many regular coffee drinkers use milk or cream with their shots, contributing to the phenomenon. Many people have a particular sensitivity to milk and dairy products, resulting in a bloating stomach or frequent bowel movements. So, even if coffee doesn’t affect them, the milk or the cream used in the coffee is acting as the principal-agent. You can try having coffee without adding milk or cream to lower the tendency. We’d suggest you try it for a week and see how it works.

So, combining all these elements, the possibility of you having to use the bathroom after drinking coffee goes much higher!

Drinking Coffee at the Wrong Time

Well, there are plenty of other factors that can relate to this sensation. Timing is an essential element in this regard. Because when you have the coffee, tells a lot about this frequent urge to use the toilet.

Is it Before Your Natural Washroom Time?

It’s widely known, men and women tend to use the washroom in the morning. Many individuals have a routine time when they visit the toilet, and for most of them, it’s the morning time. So, if you’re just going along with your body clock, having or not having coffee won’t matter; the body would urge you to relieve the pressure at its desired time. So, try skipping coffee in the morning; we’re quite positive that you’d still have a motion no matter what, showing it’s the body’s natural system which is in effect.

Empty Stomach

Well, this can be a deadly combination overall because many of you tend to drink coffee on an empty stomach. When you have coffee on an empty stomach, it instantly triggers gastrocolic reflex intensely, which leads to the urge to relive the weight! Even if you ask, does iced coffee make you poop when taken on an empty stomach, the possibilities would still be high.

So, from now on, practice having coffee when you just had something slightly heavy and stable, like bread, water, fruits, etc. It will be less likely to trigger a severe gastrocolic reflex.  

Try Going for the Low Acid Coffees

Acid elements are present in the coffee and are a stimulating factor for many to have the urge to poop. So, one good to reduce this urge can be altering up your coffee type on the whole.

If you’ve been drinking highly acidic coffees till now, it’s time to switch to a low acid variety. Countries like Brazil and Mexico provide low-altitude coffees, which have lesser acidic content than other areas such as Indonesia. It may not taste one hundred percent like the acidic ones, but it should help you counter the poop urges significantly.

Arabica Ground

Unlike its counterpart Robusta, Arabica beans are much more flavored and tastier. It has a low acid content and can also play an essential role in dealing with the washroom issue. So, we’d ask you to go for the Arabica beans instead of the Robusta.

Darkar Roasts

Finally, darker roasted beans have slightly less caffeine, as caffeine is considered one of the critical agents for causing stool. It’s safer for you to go for a darker roast, which is a lesser caffeine content.

Why It is Not An Alarming Issue

Although having coffee at the wrong time can cause severe discomfort for people with gastritis, having the urge to poop isn’t a bad thing at all. In fact, some use coffee to poop. Whether you’re using cold or hot coffee to poop, it doesn’t matter. It would out the body of oxidants anyway, which may have been causing discomfort all along.

So, if you need to visit the toilet after drinking coffee, it would not be wise to consider it a severe illness. It just has to do it at the wrong time, which is the problem, but the act itself is, in fact, healthy! So, we’d ask you not to be worried about the phenomenon and focus more on how the timing can be altered.

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Final Thought

Before we conclude, we’d again like to tell you that it’s normal and, to a certain point, healthy for humans to defecate from time to time. It’s your body’s key mechanism to get rid of the toxic elements inside and purify the inner structures. But, having to do it at an odd time is quite problematic.

We have shown you some natural ways on how to stop the coffee from making you poop, which should do the job without any risk of side effects. Follow them wisely, have relaxed afternoon coffee every day, and say coffee doesn’t make me poop anymore with confidence!

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