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Healthy or Crazy? Can You Use Heavy Whipping Cream in Coffee?

Are you like us who struggle to be healthy and eat a certain type of tasty food that somehow doesn’t classify as healthy? We like to keep track of what we are putting into our food that meets green standards, yet make sure that it remains as tasty as comfort food. Our coffees are no exceptions! Like you, we want to make tasty coffee with thick creams, fresh roasts, and hazelnut syrups and beg to God that it is healthy. But in the quest to make coffee using whipping cream, are we still on the healthy journey, or did we steer clear of it?

Hence you ask if you can use heavy whipping cream in coffee, all the while making sure that it isn’t harmful to you? Turns out, you can! We mention how in the recipes, but before that, see what creams have got for us in coffees!

Which Ones to Use

There are three basic varieties of using whipping cream in your coffee. You could go all for heavy cream, half and a half, or use the good old coffee creamer to boost the taste.

Heavy Cream

If you want to make coffee with cream instead of milk, heavy cream can be a great option. It is high in fat content and thick in texture. Using separator tools, manufacturers usually separate the milk from the cream and market it for use. Although heavy cream differs from country to country, it is high in fat, universal. These also have thickening agents in them called gellan gum. You would want to use this to ease the bitterness of the coffee and the smooth taste.

Half and Half

If you’re not willing to be part of cream vs. milk teams in coffee, you can always unite them and go for half and half. You get both cream and milk in here, and cream being heavier rises on top of the milk in your coffee. You would want to use it because there are fat-free options, but you usually have the good old fat content of cream and whole milk, but the texture is much lighter.

Other than milk and heavy whipping cream, coffee creamer is another option that is not at all dairy, but a combination of vegetable oil, sugar, and water. You use this option if you want to go dairy-free.

What Heavy Cream Does to Your Coffee


Per ounce of heavy whipping, cream serving gives you a little above 100 calories. If you use less than an ounce in your coffee, it will still add calories, but less. Each tbsp of cream has about 5.4 grams of fat content.


It thickens the texture of your coffee, making it more enjoyable and smooth on the tongue. It almost feels cushion-like.


The obvious way in which heavy whipping cream changes your coffee is by changing how it looks. Your coffee goes a couple of shades lighter, as the pearly white of cream mixes into the dark brown of coffee.


The bitterness of your coffee is cut down heavily but does not compromise the nutty taste of coffees. The cream will bring out the natural coffee flavors, and you will find that although it itself doesn’t taste like anything, you can separate the taste of cream and coffee when you take a sip, and the aftertaste is heavenly.

What Heavy Cream Does to Your Body

But the main question remains, is cream in coffee bad for you? There’s a mix:


With 35-38% fat content, you would assume that it is unhealthy. But research says that gastrointestinal health benefits from dairy fats, which are high-fat, yet low-carb. Also, it creates a more full-stomach situation, for which you are not frequently binge-eating and munching, cutting down your indulgence of overeating.

It is also much better than putting creamer in your coffee, which needs insulin to digest the high sugar content, something that is worse than healthy fats of creams. And cutting down natural fasts as found in heavy creams do not help in weight loss, so there’s no point in giving up on these delicious things!


Having too much of it won’t actually help since this has no significant nutrient guide except giving you energy and keeping you full. So, you’re good at taking heavy whipping cream in moderation only, leaving room for other nutrients.

can you use heavy whipping cream in coffee 2

Our Best Recipes

Our recipes mentioned here include how you can use heavy whipping cream in coffee for weight loss or for just additional oomph in the coffee to kick up the taste:

Whipped Mocha

You can take equal parts of ground coffee powder, granulated sugar, and hot water to make your whipped coffee with an egg whisk of a beater. After that, mix your milk and heavy whipping cream and put a dollop of the whipped coffee on top to enjoy your whipped mocha!

Whipped Keto Coffee

So, can you use heavy whipping cream in your coffee on keto?

With this recipe, yes! You only need to replace the granulated sugar from the recipe above with stevia or artificial sweeteners, and the milk will go out, and there will come heavy cream. Your entire base will be heavy whipping cream, and that’s it! This is how you use heavy cream in your coffee on a ketodiet.

Iced Coffee

You can also use heavy whipping cream in iced coffees. All you have to do is brew your favorite coffee cup with 1 tbsp coffee with 1 cup milk that will be boiled down to half. With this, add half heavy cream. Now, fill a tall glass with ices and pour ¾ cup of your coffee and enjoy it!

Final Words

So, can you use heavy whipping cream in coffee?

Of course, you can! But like all good things, everything should be done in your coffee according to the right measure, even the whipping cream. While it is always fun to have indulgent coffees, we wouldn’t want you to be addicted to heavy creams. But be sure to try out our whipping/heavy cream coffee recipes once a while!

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