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Fellow Stagg Ekg Electric Pour-Over Kettle Review for Coffee Lovers!

Why are you stuck to the old pan heating mechanism for boiling water for coffee and other foods? There’s no point sticking to the inconvenient means of function when the world is moving forward.

Electric kettles are ten times more efficient, effective, and less time-consuming. Today, in our Fellow Stagg Ekg Electric Pour-Over Kettle Review, we’ll be introducing you to such an appliance that can light up the kitchen and make all the chores a lot easier.

Fellow Stagg Ekg Electric Pour-Over Kettle Review

Here, we’ll divide our guide into different segments and focus on each of the characteristics of this highly accepted item in detail separately. On top of it, we’ll also mention some drawbacks which you can consider before purchasing.

Stunning Design

Quality design is a hallmark of Fellow Stagg pour-over kettle. If you’re one of those individuals who love to have a house full of aesthetically pleasing stunning pieces of appliances and poseable items, then this Fellow Stagg ekg white kettle would fit in just right because the entire outer appearance of this item comes with a splendid, sharp design that would catch the attention surely of any guests.

On top of that, the matte black or white paint over the item gives it an aura of elegance and style at the same time. It’d sure make the kitchen look beautiful and classy.

Modern Engineering

Fellow’s Stagg is a lighting example of sleek modern engineering because it has been constructed to aid the user from every aspect.

Firstly, they’ve engineered the sprout in such a way that would provide the optimal water flow, which would contribute in terms of giving you an incredible pour-over coffee every time. The fluted tip design has been calculated into precision to such an extent that even while pouring, it won’t drip back. Finding something like it in such a compact kettle is quite impressive!

The counterbalance design of the handle makes it easier on your part while pouring. It’d aid a slower and gradual pour speed, so you get the perfect blend of pour-over.

Handle Grip Potential

How the handle is constructed is crucial for any kettle. Lower-grade kettles construct the handle to be thin, and sometimes heat travels to it as well, making it highly uncomfortable for the users to pour. This leads to mishaps like spilling and dripping.

But you won’t risk any consequences such as that because the handle has been designed to be slightly thicker than usual. As a result, it’d be extremely comfortable for you to hold it properly. It fits perfectly and should give you the required grip to pour to perfection.

A Faster Heating With Stagg

Heating time has always been under the question. Why do you want an electric kettle in the first place? It’s not obvious because it appears stylish and looks good on the outside, right? But mainly because of the incredible convenience it can provide you. And the central point of each kettle’s convenience factor is how quickly it can heat the water to the boiling point. How does it perform here, then?

Well, Stagg comes with a robust, heavy-duty, staggering 1200watt heating mechanism. You’ll be both surprised and pleased to learn that it can boil up the water within and around 5 minutes only, which is pretty quick. As a result, it gives you all the freedom to instantly offer your group of friends a quick shot of pour-over within minutes. So, this kettle would save you time and lower down the complexities of the regular pans.

Temperature Control

For any electric kettle out there, the ability to control the temperature is vital. If you don’t have the feature to manipulate the water’s heating, it will limit the use to a particular drink or food. Because each brewed drink has its favorable heat margin. If you cross that limit, it would overheat the drink and completely ruin the taste and it’s effectiveness. That’s why each drink has to be brewed at the exact temperature as it’s meant to, and that’s how you get the optical taste from it.

So, keeping this idea in mind, Fellow has designed the programs of their device accordingly. And that’s why they have a temperature control feature that would let you determine the temperature for each different drink to brew. You can use the dial to get a temperature between 135 to 212 Fahrenheit. So, you can quickly get different variations of tea and coffee every day!

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LCD Screen

Fellow has brought in many other features that can woo the customers easily. These extra attributes included in the device can easily make everyday use more friendly and functional to a whole new different level.

For instance, it comes equipped with an LCD Screen that views critical information. It assists your entire process of setting temperature and other functions.

The LCD is also programmed to show you the present time’s temperature and the temperature you’re likely to reach ahead. So, it provides you with the correct insight and gives the users the freedom to stop the process any moment if he has a change of mind. 

On top of everything, the LCD has a backlight feature on. This means the illuminated display would aid you extensively while using in low-light conditions. So, all in all, the LCD Display feature provides a ton of versatility that would surely make your work a lot easier.

PID Controller

Another essential feature that is present in this incredible item is the PID controller. What is the job of the PID controller? It’s a mechanism that is involved with the maintenance of the temperature in a kettle. It helps you retain the heat and reduce the possibility of water being cooled off after reaching the desired heat. That’s why you get an efficiently sufficient water heating capability that is difficult to find elsewhere.

Fahrenheit or Celsius?

Whether to count using Fahrenheit or Celsius is a long debate, just like Kilogram and Pound. Different individuals have different ways of understanding the measuring mechanism.

And if you deprive them of their ways of understanding it, it will cause misunderstanding, and the users will find it challenging to maneuver the device properly. This sort of mismanagement and misarrangement is often visible in many products in the market right now.

But, Fellow has kept that particular issue in mind while designing their kettle. That is why Stagg comes with an intelligent mechanism. It gives you the ability to measure using both Fahrenheit and Celsus systems at the same time. Use your preferred option and no more counting everything while you put in water for coffee or tea.

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Warranty is always a matter of consideration no matter what product you’re going to buy. It provides security for your product even after the purchase. Another thing you should keep in mind is electric equipment. Electric devices are, by nature, uses highly sophisticated and intricate technological systems.

They’re like a dice game; if there’s a problem in a small part of the course, the entire matrix will fall. That’s why you’d always want a warranty on any electric device that has the potential to be purchased.

Similarly, perhaps keeping that particular train of thought in mind, Fellow has offered a 1-year warranty for their Stagg kettle, which is quite incredible, given the fact that you’re getting a long duration of after-purchase security. If you run into any technical difficulty or flaws in the item within this period, Fellow would indeed offer support for it.

Satisfactory Customer Support

Customer support is one of the critical parts of any purchase. As a consumer, you’d always want to have quality after-sale support from the manufacturer. It builds trust and relieves the consumers of extra stress. If they run into any problem, they know there is someone who would listen to their complaints and issues and offer the necessary support.

Well, Fellow has a viable solution in this particular segment as well. They’re equipped with a customer support system that will provide you with a satisfactory service whenever you need it. As it’s one of their central goals, you should now expect a sort of post-purchase support that users would love to have.

Response time is always an issue many consumers complain about. But that too has been considered to a great extent. Fellow promises your fastest response duration when you’re trying to reach their support. All in all, seeing a happy and satisfied customer base is one of their central mottos.

Hold Your Temperature 

It’s another exciting option that you should consider before purchase. If you have some chores to complete before serving the guests, just quickly put them on hold. But what is the main task of this particular function that we’re talking about?

Well, the hold function available in this incredible device is made with an intelligent outcome in mind. When you’re heating the coffee to a specific temperature but don’t need to use it right away, then the hold option can be utilized to keep the water at the desired temperature for a more extended period. For this device, you can save at your preferred temperature for a long 60 minutes, which is quite incredible! 

You can now pause the heating, and the water would be kept at that particular temperature for 60 minutes.

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Some Downsides to Consider

As we said earlier, our Fellow Stagg Ekg electric pour-over kettle review also incorporates some of the downsides. Like any other item, this kettle has one or two slight issues, which you should consider before purchase so that there is no room left for regret afterward.

So the first thing that we can talk about is the power cord. Despite having a slightly modern finish to the square-shaped base, it doesn’t come with a cord holder. As a result, it looks a bit messy and shatters the sleek outlook of the entire device. So, this is where they could and should have improved to make the piece look better.

Another issue which is common in almost all the goods, and that’s wear and tear. Although, it has been known for outstanding build quality. Yet after a few months or years of rough handling, it may show some symptoms of wearing. That’s why we’d ask you to be slightly careful while using and maintain regularly for a more extended service period.

Overall Judgement

So, as you’ve seen, we’ve gone through almost all the aspects of this splendid item. We’ve taken into account all of its positives and analyzed them critically. On the other hand, we didn’t skip the drawbacks either and stated them clearly. Now, we’d like to provide an overall judgment of the device.

As you’ve seen, it has its fair share of slight mishaps like minor design flaws and wears issues. But apart from these one or two tiny negative factors, the item comes packed with plenty of mind-blowing positives, which is hard to ignore. So, the features offered in fellow Stagg ekg no water kettle would incorporate such incredible characteristics. With a quick boiling time paired with unbelievable convenient elements, this item is irresistible and super-versatile and should be a great purchase, hands down!


Is the fellow Stagg worth it?

Fellow’s Stagg is one of the best kettles you can have right now. So, it’s worth it.

How do you clean a Stagg EKG kettle?

One thing you should never do is to submerge it underwater or any other liquids. Just clean the inside of the using soapy water.

What’s so particular about pour-over coffee?

Pour-over coffee has a refined taste. Moreover, it also provides you with a better flavor and extraction overall than other types.

How often should I clean my kettle?

The minimum time you should clean the electric kettle is eight weeks. Try to examine if the scale is wiped out correctly as it can

Final Thought

Well, throughout the entire Fellow Stagg Ekg electric pour-over kettle review, we’ve discussed the item in vivid detail. We did mention some issues that may bother you. Still, from its super-automatic performance to a quicker boiling period and elegant design, it’s just an unbelievable item anyone should go for. Offer your friends the coffee they deserve and serve the uninvited guests immediately without any hesitation using the Fellow Stagg. So, ready to get one for yourself? Get your pick right now and automatize the kitchen instantly!

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