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Coffee Tips and Tricks
Coffee Tips and Tricks


How to Make Coffee Without Filter or Paper Towel

Sleepy eyes, tired days, and a cup of no coffee, because your coffee filter just died; can things go worse? Yes! Having no coffee at home is worse than having no functioning coffee filter, but let’s leave the tale of no coffee for another day and focus on the issue at hand.

From what it seems, your filter betrayed you, and you’re inches away from considering if you’ll need to drink instant coffee. Worry not, dear reader! Because right here, we will teach you how to make coffee without a filter or with a paper towel like your filter was always meant to be broken!

How to Make Coffee Without Filter or Paper Towel 2

2 Methods on How to make coffee without a filter:

We included two methods here: how you can make your own filter and how you can make your own coffee bag. Let’s get started with coffee making!

DIY Coffee Filter

So you have no Chemex, no coffee maker, and no filter, prior to everything else. Hoping that you have coffee, though! The DIY Coffee filter option uses the paper towel as a coffee filter. The towel should be thick enough for absorbency and not thin to tear midway of the filtering process. Also, if you are going to use cheesecloth, which can act as a substitute in the process, you will need to allow multiple layers of filter (2 or 3). Here are the details on making a coffee filter that you can make at home:


  • Medium-fine coffee grounds.
  • Hot, but not boiling water.
  • A Paper towel or a kitchen towel or a handkerchief, whichever you have near at hand.
  • One large mug.
  • Binders or Elastics to hold the towel.


  1. Get the paper towel or your other alternatives and fold it into a square. A portion of the square will go into the mug, and a portion of it will be hanging out the mug.
  2. Using binders or elastics, tie the cloth on the mug’s mouth, making sure that it is tight and secure. The cloth shouldn’t be moving too down into the mug when you pour water into it. So, make sure that the binders are doing their work of holding the cloth.
  3. Time to pour your medium ground coffee into the DIY filter you just made. When you are done pouring, you can even out the grounds as best as you can.
  4. Now pour the hot water on top of it. This water shouldn’t be boiling water, but boiling water that has been allowed to sit for 30 seconds before you pour it. Also, don’t pour all the water together and leave timed intervals in between pouring.
  5. When the grounds are saturated, take out the cloth carefully and enjoy your cup!

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DIY Coffee Bag

Here is another one of our brilliant ways to make an emergency coffee filter. If you have ever looked at what tea bags are like, we will be taking inspiration from that and making coffee bags to help you prepare your cup. Coffee bags can be commercially found, but we are going to DIY it, just how we did for the filter. It may not be visually the best coffee bag out there, but it works just fine. But why are we making DIY coffee bags if we can purchase one from the store? To let you enjoy a freshly ground cup!


  • Boiling water, but not bubbling one. The one that has been rested for some time.
  • A cup or mug.
  • Coarse or medium grounds.
  • Teabags.
  • Strings or threads that have no plastic in them.


  1. Once you have boiled your water, let it sit for 30 seconds before using it to make your filtered coffee.
  2. Take your necessary amount of coffee rounds that you will be filling the ta bags with. First, you will need to make a tear on the tea bags to bring the tea leaves out. Now, you will need to scoop out your coffee grounds and fill the teabag. The bag shouldn’t be full to the brim as the grounds may explode when you tie it and place it in the water.
  3. Once your teabag is mildly full, tie the bag’s top with a string that won’t burn when you put it in water. You will also be using the same thread to bring the bag out of the water when your work is done, so make sure you’re leaving edges out.
  4. Place the bag into your cup and pour hot water into it such that the bag is completely drenched and submerged in the boiling water. The flavors and oils will seep out and be extracted for you to enjoy. 2-5 minutes of brewing should be enough according to your taste buds.
  5. Take the DIY coffee bag out and drink up!

This is how to make a delicious cup of coffee without a filter or coffee maker!

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How to Make Coffee Without Filter or Paper Towel 3


How should I make coffee without a filter in a coffee maker?

By using the French press/AeroPress technique.

Can I use my sock as a form of coffee filter?

Our team is split into two here. Some recommend you to try it but wash it if you’re going to use an old one, and some are entirely grossed out with the idea. You can always try new socks to make coffee, though!

What are some other alternatives to coffee filters?

Some other alternatives that you could use as an alternative to filters include empty tea bags, mesh sieve, tea towels, and cheesecloth.


Hopefully, you learned one way or two on how to make your coffee without a filter or paper towel, from all the three ways that we mentioned. So, the next time your coffee filter gives up altogether, you know you will have ways not to deprive yourself of a similar filtered taste.

Of course, you can always go for the fake french press or Moka pot options, but these taste great too, and we bet you’ll be trying these coffee-making ways!

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