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9 Best Double Walled Coffee Mugs 2022 that Redefines Your Coffee Experiences

If you’re a serious coffee aficionado, then double-walled coffee mugs are something you’d always love to have. These are specially designed carriers that let you have the ultimate coffee experience. These don’t just come with aesthetics only, but they also perform extraordinarily well in terms of keeping your coffee hot or cold for more extended periods. So, have now started to think about getting the best double walled coffee mugs?

Well, to solve that riddle, we bring you this guide full of quality picks. Stay with us and uncover the hidden gems.

In a hurry?
Don’t have much time? Now, what is the best double walled coffee mug? Well, according to my ranking, the best one is the Bodum Pavina Glass, Double-Wall Insulated Glass.

Top Pick: Bodum Pavina Glass

Bodum Pavina Glass, Double-Wall Insulated Glass

  • Excellent Temperature Maintaining Capabilities
  • Lightweight yet Sturdy
  • Added Silicone Hole Underneath Helps it Breath to Maintain Proper Air Pressure
  • Extreme Convenience While Using in Microwave or Dishwasher
  • Unique Design Enhances the Aesthetic Features
  • Heat Resistant Design Makes It Easy To Hold the Mug While Boiling Coffee is Inside

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Best Double Walled Coffee Mugs

There are already tonnes of options lying here and there in the market if you’re looking for walled mugs. But we’re not here to discuss average items. So, let’s find out the premium options with us!

Product Name


Our Rating

Liquid Capacity: 12 oz

Weight: 6 Ounces

Borosilicate Construction: Yes

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe: yes

4.2 Stars

Top Pick

Liquid Capacity: 12 oz

Weight: 12.8

Borosilicate Construction: Yes

Dishwasher and microwave Safe:Yes (upto 350°F/176°c)

5 Stars

Liquid Capacity: 16 oz

Weight: 2.64 Pounds

Borosilicate Construction:Yes

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe:Yes

4.5 Stars

Liquid Capacity: 8oz

Weight: 1.41 pounds

Borosilicate Construction: Yes

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe: Yes

4.6 Stars

Liquid Capacity: 8 oz

Weight: 1.8 Pounds

Borosilicate Construction:Yes

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe: Microwave Safe but Hand Wash is Recommended

4.7 Stars

Liquid Capacity: 13 oz

Weight: 1.3 Pounds

Borosilicate Construction: Yes

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe: Yes ( up to 350F)

4.5 Stars

Liquid Capacity: 16 oz

Weight: 1.36 Pound

Borosilicate Construction:Yes

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe: Microwave Safe but Hand Wash is Recommended

4.6 Stars

Liquid Capacity: 8oz

Weight: 9.6 ounces

Borosilicate Construction:Yes

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe: Yes

4.7 Stars

Liquid Capacity: 12 oz

Weight: 6.2 ounces

Borosilicate Construction: Yes

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe: Yes

3.5 Stars

Eparé Coffee Mugs

Well, we begin our guide with Epare Double Walled Mugs. If you’re tired of average mediocrity, then this is a premium add-on that can transform the appearance of your dining table.

One good thing about this mug is it’s excellent at maintaining temperature, both hot and cold. If you’re someone who likes to take his time while having a cup of freshly made latte, then this should fit well!

Glass mugs are always a concern, mostly because they have a reputation of getting shattered into thousands of pieces if dropped. But that shouldn’t be something you need to worry about. Because this unique item is specially manufactured using hand-blown borosilicate glass, resulting in better strength and lesser defects.

The double-wall glass mug is safe to be used with your microwave or dishwasher without any complications. Give you a hot cup of coffee and clean it properly. Despite the number of positives, you should still be a bit vigilant of leaks or spots in the insulated area. Apart from this almost hard-to-find issue, this something you should get if you’re looking for the best double-walled coffee mugs!

  • Quality Glass Mugs with Highly Stylish Appearance
  • Maintains Temperature Well
  • Hand Blown Borosilicate Glass Makes it Sturdy
  • Can be Used in Microwaves or Dishwasher
  • Some Pieces can Develop Leaks in the Insulated Area

Bodum Pavina Glass, Double-Wall Insulated Glass

Next up in our list is the Bodum Pavina Double Walled Glass. Undoubtedly one of the best double walled coffee mugs right now and comes highly appreciated in the market. Let’s find out the positive features quickly!

This premium glass pair is built using mouth-blown borosilicate glass, which reinforces the outer surface, making it sturdy enough to be used without discomfort or fret.

To give you and the guests a touch of insane optical illusion, this glass is intelligently designed with multiple layers.

Leaks in between the two layers can be extremely irritating and can completely distort the looks of your beloved coffee glass. But the intelligently durable construction of this beauty wouldn’t let such a disaster occur and keep your coffee mug looking beautiful, as always!

Sometimes it can sweat while keeping cold beverages, which can be considered as one of it’s few drawbacks. Apart from the tiny issue, you should be pleased with the overall performance of this glass.

  • Mouth Blown Borosilicate Glass Makes it Tough
  • Get Amazingly Aesthetic Optical Illusion
  • Prevents Leaks Between the Two Layers
  • European Design Award Winner
  • Can Sometimes Sweat With Cold Beverages

BTäT- Coffee Mug Set

If you were looking for an incredible set of a double wall glass mug with handles to have a lovely coffee evening with buddies, then this is something you can go for any day! So, this impressive set of four comes with an outstanding heat resistance construction.

Because of that, you and the buddies wouldn’t burn your fingers while holding this mug with boiling coffee inside it. Makes it way more convenient and safer for group use.

You’d always find in the average coffee mugs that they tend to lose the heat quite fast. But this is something you won’t find with this premium glass. It keeps your liquid for more extended periods and lets you enjoy each flavor with patience and joy!

This scratch-free Borosilicate feels smooth and has an outstanding overall appearance that everyone would savor!

As it comes in numbers and slightly bigger with handles and all, it can take up a significant amount of space in your kitchen cabinet. Apart from this minor issue, there isn’t anything serious to worry about and looks like a quality item on the whole!

  • Won’t Burn the Fingers as its Heat Resistant
  • Extremely Convenient During Use
  • Set of 4 Perfect for Serving Multiple Guests
  • Smooth and Scratchless Outer Layer
  • 16Oz Large Glass Mugs
  • Can Take Up a Huge Space Inside Kitchen Cabinet

Kitchables Thermal Insulated Cups – Set of 4

Here is another piece of quality glasses for serving your guests or buddies. This premium set of four can easily be a mug of choice while serving coffee to multiple individuals at the same time.

This 236 ml large double wall glass mug glass is perfect for avid coffee drinkers. The coffee mugs are designed to give you longer lasting heat retention. So, even if you have a glass full of coffee, you have the luxury to take the time, as it will keep the coffee hot for a more extended period.

While regularly using it with friends and guests, you don’t have to worry about these glasses getting old quickly. As they come with scratch-resistant technology, it stays looking smooth and shiny for an extended period.

It may seem to be weak under heavy use, so it’s better to maintain them with care. But, looking at these glasses, on the whole, these are one of the best coffee mugs right now and highly recommended.

  • Great for Serving Guests
  • Heat Retention Capabilities
  • Resistant to Scratches
  • Stays Looking New for an Extended Period
  • Can be Prone to Wear and Tear

Sweese Double Wall Insulated Coffee Cups Set

Here are other quality double-walled insulated coffee cups set for you and the buddies! These glasses by Sweese are highly well-appreciated and deserve more in-depth insight.

The weight of the walled glass can be a bothersome experience for some. Especially when loaded full of coffee or tea, it can make your drinking experience irritatingly awful.

That’s why Sweese has come up with intelligent Borosilicate mouth-blown glass construction, which makes them lightweight while enhancing the durability on the other hand.

The well-insulated multiple layered glasses help protect your hands from the burning feeling. After the coffee session, put this in the dishwasher without any worries. Finally, the smart small round hole design at the bottom lets the glass breathe properly for extended safety.

This item is exceptionally lightweight, which can be irritating for some. Can also be prone to heavy winds or similar events. Despite minor issues like these, the glasses should perform well on the whole!

  • Extremely Lightweight Make it Easy to Lift
  • Borosilicate Construction Enhances Durability
  • Outer Layer Remains Cool Despite Carrying Hot Liquid
  • Can be Used in Microwave or Dishwasher
  • A Bit Too Lightweight

JoyJolt Caleo Collection Double

Here at the 7th spot, we have quite a unique piece by JoyJolt. First, the design of this glass is just incredibly outstanding and which ultimately sets it apart from the average grade cups and glasses!

Further, the 13 Ounce large glass lets you fill it up with a lot of coffee at once. So when you have a considerable amount of coffee in your glass, the first thing that would pop up in your mind is, “how long will it stay hot?”.

But that’s not something you should worry about while sipping from this particular glass. Excellent heat retention technology maintains the temperature well, giving you all the time to finish your coffee slowly!

It can seem a bit delicate. So it’s best to use it as lightly as possible. Keeping this minor issue apart, this glass is just an outstanding piece that you can go for time and time again!

  • Outstandingly Superior Design
  • 13 Ounce Large Capacity Lets You Load Up a Lot of Coffee
  • Keeps the Liquid Warm for Longer Period
  • Safe to Use inside Oven or Dishwasher
  • Can be a Bit Delicate Under Heavy Use

Sweese 414.101 Large Glass Coffee Mugs

Right now, we have here another large walled glass by Sweese. Let’s find out some of the critical characteristics of this premium item in short.

First of all, this double-walled glass is excellent in terms of preventing heat from traveling on the outer surface. Thus, it doesn’t burn your fingers while holding it, despite having scalding coffee or tea inside.

The unique mouth-blown borosilicate construction gives it an outstandingly spectacular clear and shiny outlook as well as improves durability and makes it lightweight!

Another interesting factor is, you can load it up with plenty of coffee at a time as it comes with an astounding 16oz liquid capacity. Whenever you need to heat it, you can just put it inside your microwave for instant heat-up.

Despite the number of positives, the manufacturers suggest you wash it with your hand, which we think is one of the very few downsides of this premium coffee mug!

All in all, this glass looks like a perfect add on for any coffee aficionado!

  • Extremely Shiny and Clear Design
  • Doesn’t Let the Heat Traver on the Outer Surface
  • Extra Large Liquid Holding Capacity
  • Lightweight Glass
  • Washing with Hands Can Seem Inconvenient to Some

Bodum Pavina Glass Double-Wall Insulated Glasses

At the concluding part of our guide, we have here another quality and highly well-received piece by Bodum Pavina. This handleless glass is beautifully designed and would surely catch the attention of the guests.

A mouth blow technique is used to construct this borosilicate glass, which helps resist heat and lets you grip the glass without any problem while it’s filled with boiling coffee.

This 8-ounce glass is suitable for espressos and other cold beverages. Whenever your coffee seems cold, instantly reheat it directly in the oven without any complications. This sturdy glass offers you the durability you expect as well.

As it doesn’t come with a handle, it can be a bit difficult to grip it properly. Other than this, the glass is a quality item you can go for any day!

  • A Uniquely Aesthetic Handleless Design
  • Heat Resistant Lets You Grab Without Burning
  • Heat Instantly As it’s Microwave Safe
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Can be Prone to Slips

Artisan Glassworks Set of 2 Borosilicate Glass Coffee Cups

Finally, at the 9th spot, we have a pair of quality walled glass by Arisian Glassworks. This large pair of 12oz glass lets you load up a good some of the coffee and comes with a wooden spoon for convenience as well.

This unique glass comes insulated; thus, the coffee you pour in stays hot for a more extended period and lets you enjoy each sip slowly and intensely.

The glass isn’t very heavy, either. So, it’ll not get challenging on your part to lift it continuously, even with the full load on!

Another exciting factor about these glasses is they offer you a guarantee! Yes, you heard it right; despite being a crockeries product, the manufacturer has the belief to stand behind their work and offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee. This goes to show how committed they’re with their product.

One of the issues of this glass is, it’s extremely thin and thus quite delicate. So, you’ll have to use it with care.

Apart from this, the glass is just incredible overall and should be a good buy!

  • Holds Up to 12 OZ Liquid!
  • Insulated Glass Keeps the Coffee Warm
  • Easy to Lift and Drink
  • Unbelievable 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Too Thin and Can Easily be Broken

What are double-walled coffee mugs?

A double-walled mug is a uniquely designed cup or glass which is constructed using two layers of glass inside. These coffee mugs have plenty of different features, which makes any coffee lover go for it. Take heat retention, for example. These mugs have a unique capability to maintain heat over a more extended period, so your coffee doesn’t lose its heat quickly. Most cups are also sweat-proof, so when you’re having cold coffee, it won’t sweat outside and save your table from stains. And the fantastic optical illusion while having coffee or other beverage in it is quite pleasing to the eye!

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How to Take Care of Your Coffee Cups

One of the significant problems everyone faces with cups and mugs are stains. People often complain about stains, but if you take care of your walled mugs and coffee cups after use, it shouldn’t be a problem. Just rinse every time you finish your coffee, use a sponge with detergent and rub the area clean.

Walled mugs aren’t always recommended to be put inside a dishwasher. In that case, always wash with your hand. While doing so, don’t try to submerge them in water because the water can travel through between the seams and completely tarnish the mug’s beauty.

Finally, it’s best to use warm water while cleaning. Because it easily curbs the grease, kills any microorganisms or bacterias present, and offers better cleaning properties!

If you follow the few steps mentioned, we’re positive your double-walled glass would remain to look stylish for a more extended period.

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Buying Guide to Get the Best Double Walled Coffee Mugs

Double-walled coffee mugs can vary in quality as there are plenty of options around in the market right now. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of a few characteristics which make double-walled coffee mugs offer a genuinely authentic touch!

The capacity of the Mug

Yes, this is the first thing you should consider while buying walled mugs. It depends on the amount of coffee you like to drink at one sitting. There are different capacity double-walled mugs we mentioned here. From 8oz to 16, you can choose any between them, considering your consumption rate. But we do suggest you get bigger ones, like 14-16 oz mugs, because who knows, your guests may have a habit of drinking a good some.


Well, the handle is a matter of choice in the walled glass. Because almost all the glass we mentioned are heat resistant, so it gives you the freedom to go handleless. So, it depends on the preference which one you like most. But, as people, in general, are used to drinking coffee from mugs with handles, it’s safe to have glasses with handles.

Heat Retention

This is one of the most essential and iconic features of a walled mug. So, you should never buy one that doesn’t offer this. Find the one that gives you maximum heat retention. Glasses with heat retention properties keep the hot coffee as it is for a more extended period. Thus, you’ll have the pleasure of sipping your coffee for ample time while working or chatting with buddies, without your coffee becoming watery cold in the meantime!

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Sweat Prevention

Often while drinking cold coffee or beverages, glass sweating becomes an issue. Tiny water particles appear on the mugs’ outer surface and can also stain your table, desk, or whatever you keep your cup on. But quality walled glasses come with a brilliant mechanism of cold sweat preventive. The outer surface would remain completely dry, not staining your table or desk! So, always make sure your glass has this particular capability!

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

If your mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe, you’d be able to reheat them instantly whenever you want and adds a lot to convenience. And, being dishwasher safe, it saves extra time and hassles to wash it with your hand every time you drink in it. So, these are a few things you should always make sure your walled glasses have!


Although, it’s not that common in coffee mugs or cups. Yet some manufacturers do provide a money-back guarantee for a short duration. So, it’s always better and safer to go for products with a warranty or guarantee scheme over the ones that don’t offer such plans.

Borosilicate Construction

Finally, this is a must if you want to secure the best double-walled coffee mugs. Borosilicate construction, whether it’s hand blown or mouth-blown, makes your glass outstandingly durable. It also helps them deal with sudden temperature changes. Borosilicate is also BPA free, so it’s a highly safer option for walled glasses any day!


What Qualities to Look for in Double-Wall Glass Mugs

Always make sure they’re made of borosilicate construction, has heat retention, and protects the mugs from forming sweats while having cold liquid inside.

What to Look for in a Travel Mug

Your best glass coffee mugs travel has to be sturdy enough to sustain the extended journey. Both heat and cold retention are essential in your double-walled glass travel mug. Also, look for double-walled insulation and heat resistance.

What is the safest way to wash double-walled mugs?

A light, hand wash with warm water is one of the safest techniques you can apply for a secure wash of double-walled mugs. 

Why are double-walled glasses good for coffee?

The significant advantage of having double-walled glasses for coffee is they keep the liquid hot for a more extended period and resists heat to travel on the outer surface, making it safe to grab it without burning.

Are double-walled glasses-less fragile than single-pane ones?

Yes, they’re safer and more durable than their single-pane counterparts.

Why are these mugs so resilient to heat?

The air between the two layers of glass makes them resistant to heat.

To Sum Up

We have gone through some of the best double walled coffee mugs that you’d be able to find right now in the market. These stylish pieces offer unique properties like heat and cold retention and resistance.

Makes your life way more comfortable and convenient with easy access to microwave and dishwasher. Last but not least, the looks and the aesthetically pleasing optical illusion makes a good surprise for the guests as well! So, what are you waiting for? Get the best double walled glass in your home now, and have quality evening coffees with buddies!

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