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Can You Make Latte Art with Regular Coffee? Learn the 6 Smart Hacks!

With latte art, the coffee may taste positively different. Because how you look at your food can actually change the way you feel about it while you have it. 

But can you make latte art with regular coffee? Well, yes, even with regular coffee, you can make latte art without much difficulty. 

When special individuals are coming home, you’d always want to present them with the best sort of offerings possible. That’s why even with a regular coffee, you may want to add in some latte art to make it look extra special!

Can You Make Latte Art with Regular Coffee? 

The answer to this question is a big yes! You can indeed make latte art while brewing regular coffee to surprise the guest! 

Getting your latte art done for the guest is indeed a smart way to captivate their attention in the most sophisticated manner possible. 

To that, you’d first have to have the right know-how and technical understandings. If you learn that, it’s pretty easy.

If you have an espresso machine and milk frother, then it’s even easier. Just use the devices to get a proper shot of espresso and frothed milk. 

And then, slowly pour the frothed milk over the espresso and come up with unique latte art designs you desire. 

In the case you don’t have a machine, you can still use the regular coffee to be boiled in a pot for some time. 

And get the milk frother by boiling it up, getting it in a glass bottle, and shaking it till it gets frothed. 

Now, you can easily replicate the process of pouring the milk on the already brewed espresso and creating a stylish latte design. 

Well, let’s explore the processes in a more detailed manner! 

How to Make Latte Art at Home?

To get latte art at home, you’d have to first get the milk frother perfectly and slowly pour it on the already brewed espresso until it reaches the top. Making quality latte art at home requires a couple of things to be done correctly. Here we’ll be talking about these three steps in detail to avoid losing track of this fun method. Let’s start! 

Getting the Ideal Foam 

Whenever you’re trying to pull off a fancy latte art, one rule of thumb is to get the best milk foam possible. If you’re the right sort of foam, then you’re halfway done. 

To get this foam, you’d first have to put the milk into the refrigerator to make it colder. 

Get the milk in a pitcher and use a steam wand to get the foam. 

One easy trick is to keep the wand at the lowest point but slowly raise it to the top of the milk. 

Keep on doing it like this, then finally, when you see tiny bubbles forming, you can wait till the milk gets settled. 

Remember, don’t froth to the point that large bubbles appear; that is something you should avoid if you want the velvety texture! 

Get the Espresso Ready 

So, when you’re getting the milk foamed, you should also start getting the espresso ready. Again, we recommend using 7-8 grams of coffee bean ground for each serving.

Now, use the portafilter at 30-40 lbs to tamp the espresso done. 

After all is done, it’s time to pull the shot. The correct shot would have a slightly creamy texture. 

It should take around 20-25 seconds for each ideal shot to be pulled. 

Use the Milk for Design 

Now, please bring the milk in a pitcher and start pouring it. Once the milk has filled in from deep underneath and starts showing up on top, then you start your design. 

How to Make Design on Coffee At Home Without a Machine?

You can make a design on coffee by first brewing coffee and frothing milk, and pouring that frothed milk into the brewed coffee.

However, using the machine makes it all the easier. Yet, it won’t hurt you if you use it here. We want to show you some of the hacks to use to create stunning latte art at home. 

Brew An Usual Cup of Coffee 

If you want to make a cup of coffee at home, first you’d have to brew a simple cup of coffee. 

Checkout the best cups for latte art!

To do that, first, use a kettle or pot to heat water; you need to use six oz of water for each serving. Then use one tablespoon of coffee for each cup then sprinkle as much sugar as you desire. 

Finally, boil the entire solution to get the flavor out. 

Froth the Milk 

At this stage, you’d have to froth the milk properly. You can heat the milk to a certain extent and use a lidded jar to shake it vigorously to make it happen. When you find the milk having a creamy foam-like texture, understand that it’s frothed.

Apply the Milk 

Now, apply the heated milk to the coffee. While doing so, don’t forget to stir continuously so the foam doesn’t go in. 

Use the Milk to Design 

Finally, use the remaining milk to style the coffee with your favorite design. Hold the jug closer while you’re doing that because it gives you much more feasibility and artistic understanding, which you should have while doing so. 

Can You Make Cappuccino with Regular Coffee?

Yes, you can make a cappuccino with regular coffee without a machine. Here is your step-by-step guideline on how to make a cappuccino with regular coffee. 

  1. Grind fresh coffee beans 
  2. Heat up the freshly ground beans 
  3. Heat the milk at 160 degrees and take out off at pre-boiling temperatures 
  4. Have to use an immersion blender to froth the milk 
  5. Pour the milk slowly on the already warmed coffee
  6. Add sugar and other required sweeteners 

How to Make a Hot Latte with Instant Coffee?

Just get milk heated, pour the instant coffee in the same pot, and froth it to get the hot latte using instant coffees. Making a hot latte at home is pretty straightforward. So let’s see how it can be done. 

  1. Pour milk in a mug and microwave it at high temperature for 2 minutes 
  2. Now, rip the sachet and pour the instant coffee in that mug, and stir 
  3. Finally, use a milk frother to get the whole coffee frothed together unless you see the foam 

Well, this is the simple trick of making a latte using instant coffee. 

How to make espresso with a French Press?

Pour boiled water after putting ground coffee on your French press and push the plunger down. Making an espresso using a French press is not a big deal. Here’s how to do it

  1. Put required coffee grounds in a french press
  2. Pour boiled water and stir 
  3. Finally, gradually press the plunger down

There, you get an espresso within minutes. 

How to Steam Milk for Latte Art?

Steaming milk without any fancy instrument can be done at home. If you know the tricks, it’s quite easy and can be done within minutes. 

First, get nonfat milk in a jar. Now, try shaking the jar for some time with force. While shaking, observe inside the jar and look if there is foam. If you have found a foam-like texture forming, get the lid off. While if the foam-like texture isn’t achieved yet, you can continue shaking until you reach that level. 

Once done, get the jar without a lid inside the microwave and heat it for a couple of seconds. 

Well, you’ve got the nice and warm, creamy foam you always wanted. Now, you can use this foam to create the sort of latte arts that are beautiful! 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up the entire guide, latte art is something that clearly presents a sense of sophistication. Especially when new guests visit your house, hosting them with a creamy, delicious cup of coffee with a standard latte art can ultimately build a lasting impression. 

So, can you make latte art with regular coffee? Yes, you may do that whenever you want at home! Why bother anything else when the guests are heading your way? So, get your kitchen gloves on and get the finest latte with beautiful artistry present in it for a beautiful evening with the closed ones!

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