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Coffee Tips and Tricks


Our 2 Best Ways on How to Drain Water from Keurig 2.0 for Storage

Have you ever been to a coffee-making scam like our friend Julia from Finance? Manufacturers tell you that you’ll get a cup of drip coffee in mere 30 seconds with all their advanced mechanisms, and that’s exactly the time Julia can spare in the morning to drink her coffee. Yes, unrealistic expectations. But for fast delivery, few options can stand against Keurig 2.0. But there’s one issue that haunts the machine owners who have kept it for a long time. Since the tubes in Keurig carry water from parts to parts, even when you empty the reservoirs, chances are there’s still water inside.

So learning how to drain water from a Keurig 2.0 is essential. There are two ways to do so: by dismantling the machine or by not doing it. Either way, the end result is super satisfying, as we’ll show you here.

How to Drain a Keurig 2.0 Without Dismantling

If you ask us how should I drain water from a Keurig coffee maker without dismantling the entirety, here’s the simplest thing that won’t even take you a minute to accomplish:

Adjust Float

On the LCD screen of your Keurig, you may have often seen the word Prime when the brewing is complete. This is an indication that there is no water in the tank of the Keurig. Remember that your Keurig tank is empty, but the float needs adjusting still.

On the lower part of the Keurig reservoir, there’s a disk made of metal. You should pull it up to reach the top and then close the lid of the reservoir. This is a false alarm to the Keurig that it is full.


Now brew the empty reservoir as if there were coffee inside. There’s no need for any coffee cartridge or filter as there’s no real coffee, only fake brewing of the empty reservoir.

Prime Time

Like you know from how the Kerug works, it will say Prime when the brewing is over. But when the brewing is not over, the Prime message will not be shown. So after you have completed step 2, if you see the LCD’s instruction that says Add More Water, your technique didn’t work. That doesn’t mean it isn’t doable; it simply means that you need to redo the entire process.

You will now need to stop things with your Keurig and restart again with the float’s adjusting. After the readjustment and setting the ground for a second-time brew, you will wait until the message is delivered as Prime when the brewing is complete. If it happens this time, your Keurig has been successfully drained!

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How to Drain a Keurig 2.0 by Dismantling

Learning how to drain the Keurig k-elite is similar to learning how to drain the 2.0, with some minor adjustments. Here are the steps to follow if you want to take the time to disassemble the Keurig. But remember that, if you can, always choose to do the no-disassembly version.

Time and Tools Required

You will need a plastic syringe, Phillips head screwdriver, and needle-nose pliers to finish the job within 10-15 minutes.

Remove Rings

On the hose, you will see a couple of snapping points. These you will need to press to unlock the rings behind the pod assembly on the Keurig.

Remove Screws

Now, you will see a couple of screws that you will need to remove at the bottom of the machine. The number of screws will differ according to which model of Keurig you have at home. Like we mentioned before, you can use these steps to disassemble both the Elite and the 2.0. Hence, the number of screws may vary, and it is no serious issue. The model we have at home has 6 screws, all of which will need undoing. This will dismantle the front part of the Keurig. On some models, there are silver screens that you need to remove before removing the front part. It can easily come off when you press the hook on them.

Disassemble and Drain

No matter how much water a Keurig 2.0 holds, it is time to drain all of that in these few steps. So we have just removed the front part of the Keurig, and we have set the screws knowing full well which screw goes where on the reservoir. With your screwdriver, you can now disassemble the part of the entire machine that is only held by clips. You may not even need your Philips screwdriver as the sections will come off by force. You can also use a butter knife to separate the top from the bottom.

Removing the final exterior casing, you are now open to see all the parts inside your Keurig. From all the tubes, you have to find the one that carries water from parts to parts. You have to remove the bit of plastic that holds the two tubes and drain water out of the pipes by tilting.

There is another internal filter on the motherboard of the Keurig. You have to detach it from the pump it is attached to, to find a tube inside. Tilt it in a similar manner to bring water out. Lastly, you will drain the brewer, and you’re done with the entire draining phase!


You will now have to reconstruct and trace your steps back to the Keurig formation. Many find it daunting for which we suggested to do the draining without dismantling the 2.0.

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So, you now know how to drain water from your Keurig 2.0, whether you want to dismantle it or not! Both the processes are quite simple and will not take you more than 20 minutes, even when you are at your laziest speed. But if you take longer, it is always good as you’re making sure the Keurig is free of water!

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